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Wondering where to buy on Cape Cod or How to Sell...I am your Realtor for life...the Coolest Realtor on Cape Cod.
How could you consider looking for a home this week with the Patriots in Arizona readying for a big win?   Everyone is a buzz about the GAME.   The phones are suspiciously quiet, the nacho chips and gegs of beer are on order and the Patriots "stuff" is in every store window.   Who cares that the ...
Beautiful Cape Cod woke up under 11 inches of light and fluffy snow and my head goes right to the uninhabited listings which will need to be shoveled.   smile...
Today my Treo, which you all know contains my life, cracked it's screen ... who knows how...maybe I dropped it, I don't remember.  Maybe it hit against a cart while I was at Staples picking up lables for the first in a series of impossible mailings, possibly it got wedged between the seat and the...
Real EState is all about relationships.  If you are looking to flourish in this business you need to care about what others care about.   Making their number one goal (to sell or buy a house) your number one goal.   Contacts make Contracts so reach out and touch someone!
What a surprise to get to the final days of the sale of a beautiful waterfront only to find ... there is not a clear title.... HUh?   How could this be?   There is merit in title insurance is some cases and in the case of an inherited piece of property it may be wise for the heirs to do a title s...
The old attage that time is money is never more true than in this changing real estate market.    The active full time real estate agent needs to ask this question at the time of listing a property.  When does time become more important than money?   As an agent who works expired listings, I am a...
Okay... so you have always wanted to live on the Cape!   Now is the time.   We have many homes of many sizes and shapes just waiting for you to try them on.  Close to the beach or Canal...Close to the rivers or Kettle Holes... Are you looking for Cranberry Bogs or conservation land... Do you want...

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