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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area in WA including the real estate market in those communities.
I know the calendar says that this is the first day of summer, but I woke up to a cloudy sky,  and though we've had teaser periods of sunshine peaking through, the clouds have been lingering.   My car dashboard thermometer for outside temperature also registers a somewhat UN summery reading.  (Ye...
Even as our local Olympia area real estate market is tilting more and more toward being a seller's market, buyers asking for a credit toward their closing costs are not uncommon. In some price brackets, it's still very typical to see a buyer ask... and a seller agree... to pay some or all of the ...
i really love the convenience of being able to do so many things on my iPad and phone, wherever and whenever the need arises. But....I've been reluctant to part with my calendar that's basically a paper "book". Oh, I tried some years back to use a PDA and put all my appointments & other calendar ...
I was out doing some previewing recently for an investor client - trying to find a house that looked like a good bet for his next project.  One had been intriguing me, since it's located in a neighborhood that typically sells quite a bit higher than the list price of this home.  So I knew there h...
Our newspaper typically publishes the majority of new trustee sale filings on Fridays, and I hate seeing them.  Such sad testaments to some home owner in financial distress, facing the possibility of losing their home.  Each one may mean a family that is going to be displaced, a home owner whose ...
You know how, sometimes, when you show a particular house, you know it likely will not last long on the market?  It's that intuition born of real estate market experience, and seeing the listings available in various neighborhoods and price ranges (or lack thereof).    This weekend I showed one o...
    The annual Procession of the Species in Olympia is one of those very unique community events that makes me LOVE living here!  This year's procession is tomorrow, Saturday, April 27th at 4:30 PM in downtown Olympia.  And if you have never attended this event, you are in for a treat! There will...

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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Thurston County area including the real estate market in those communities.
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