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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area in WA including the real estate market in those communities.



Timberland Regional Library - kids welcome!  On a rainy day, the library can be the perfect place to have fun inside, entertain those restless kids - and read some books.  I was lucky enough to grow up with a love of all the magical places and people available inside books, and am happily encoura...
I was giving directions to some "new to the area" people this past weekend, and I realized the Olympia/Lacey area has a number of streets that seem to have a bit of an identity crisis going on.  They change names - without warning!  I mean what is up with a street that starts out called one thing...
Live in South Capitol Neighborhood, Olympia - and you can walk to many of Olympia's favorite places.  Like...Wagner's European Bakery.  Located at 1013 S Capitol Way in downtown Olympia,  this family owned business has been feeding happy customers since 1938.  You can order a wedding cake or anot...
  I'm not just a fair weather friend - I'm a rainy day real estate agent too.  Since I live and work in Olympia, WA I guess that is a really good thing because we do have rainy days - oh - let's just say often this time of year. And showing houses in the rain may not have the same pleasure factor...
Hurray for sunshine in Olympia today!  I've been craving it and decided work could wait (laundry, groceries, and real estate too) - it was time for a walk with my granddaughter.  We headed out from my house thru the little path we have to the Chehalis Western Trail, and north to see if there migh...
My morning routine always includes some coffee while I read the paper and get myself awake and ready for the day.  Although we have an entire cupboard full of way too many coffee mugs (OK another sorting project ahead), I tend to grab one of three favorite mugs morning after morning.  And I bet y...
    If you have read anything much about real estate, you have probably run across the phrase "location, location, location".  Buyers often ask why location is such a big deal when you are buying real estate, since it is easy to get more focused on whether you like the kitchen or master bath of a...
  More Questions Buyers Ask - How Do Property Taxes Work When I Buy An Olympia, WA Area Home?  This is a frequently asked - and really good - question when buyers first become home owners or first move to the Olympia, WA area. Property taxes are one of the main sources of revenue in Washington si...
When the weather forecasters start talking about snow coming, do you react with excited anticipation or dread?  Our predicted snow here in Olympia WA started falling late afternoon yesterday and, like probably the majority of the "grownups", I started thinking "Better go to the store & get more m...

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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Thurston County area including the real estate market in those communities.
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