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Yep, it's true. Your friends serving sentences in prison got $9M in homebuyer tax credits. Hey, even the guys serving life got $1.7M Read entire article here. On a lighter note, I just made this really cool video to impress old people -- think the music is too scary for them? PS - you should make...
As you may have heard recently, Fannie Mae will not buy loans that have any redemption period after a foreclosure. You can read the announcement here. In Alabama, the right of redemption period is 1 year. But there is no point for Fannie Mae not to buy these loans, because a foreclosure bond can ...
After graduating from University I lived in New Zealand for a while.  After my adventure, I had decided to come home and save up money for about 6-8 months and then take off to South America for another exploration.  When I got back to the Mobile Bay Area everything changed.  I fell in love with ...
Many things are happening in the Mobile, AL that have me concluding that now is a great time to be buying properties.  Obviously it's a buyer's market.  Simple supply and demand.  For investors, rentals are the way to go until the market picks back up in order to do flips to retail people.  Peopl...

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