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Comments on Multifamily investments from a veteran banker. Rick Fitzgerald and AAM Capital gives you a look at multifamily financing from a lender's point of view. Experienced or beginning multifamily investors should find the information useful. If you are a multi family investor call 423-991-5926.
Business owners and real estate agents should receive some glimmer of hope for 2009 sales.  What should we see in 2009? Government backed commercial loans will continue to grow in 2009 as investors and banks seek the safest real estate investments.  In the near future, only two sectors of real es...
Each of us who earns an income (and even those of us who don't) in the real estate market should pay attention to forth coming legislation that helps and encourages the buying and selling of real estate related securities.  Currently there is legislation raising the amount of an SBA guarantee to...
Feds pulled another $800B out of their ………………hat? Taxpayer hat that is. Actually that’s not even accurate. The Fed is essentially creating the $800B first to purchase debt and then using taxpayer money to weed out the bad loans. The initial plan to purchase bad loans from banks was scrapped but h...
It has become apparent that all the fist shaking and rhetoric going on between the Feds and the banking industry regarding consumer lending is going nowhere. I wondered just how Congress can mandate a bank to lend money.  No matter how you cut it, lending money is a matter of choice for banks.  Y...
A prior post of mine stated the banks were hoarding cash. That was met with a bit of attitude by a couple of folks. Apparently they disagreed with me. The facts are the banks have borrowed far more money from the Feds than they have loaned to consumers or other banks. The Feds are in a dilemma ri...
The multifamily purchase market is almost at a standstill right now.  Seems like the entire investment market has taken the rest of the year off.  A multifamily investment lender like an insurance company has basically folded their tents for the year leaving even less choices.  We have two insura...
  It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who makes a $24B mistake.  Wachovia’s former chief Ken Thompson was quoted as saying “It’s a dream come true” when the bank came to an agreement to buy Golden West in mid 2006.  Golden West was a well known thrift that had been around for some 20 years in the...
Wow, it’s been a wild ride this year so far. Multifamily investments and performance are all over the board depending on which survey you read. One thing for sure is a real slow down in purchases most likely caused by the presidential election. Multifamily investors reap great benefits utilizing...
I read a couple of articles that finally made me feel a little better about all the bailout talk and shenanigans going on lately. If you are a home owner and fall behind in payments, you may be eligible for a new fangled program. If you are a home owner who struggles, makes tough decisions like ...
Among the latest banks to receive approval for government funds are: Capital One - $3.55 billionSunTrust Banks - $3.5 billionRegions Financial Corp. - $3.5 billionFifth Third Bancorp - $3.4 billionBB&T Corp. - $3.1 billionKeyCorp - $2.5 billionComerica Inc. - $2.25 billionNorthern Trust Corp. - ...

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