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It is about streamlined Hard Money Lenders. There is only one person who makes the loan decision. We deliver fast equity loans with our individual hard money lenders. Only one knowledgeable decision maker. We offer friendly,helpful service,without the red tape. We lend on commercial and residential income properties.
Why does a bank go thru the Trustee Sale when they have a buyer and loan ready to fund? Is there NO communication between debts.? Why not put out a HOT list to investors of sales occurring in the next 2 weeks that will NOT go to sale if qualified good offer is made? A last minute Sale -sale on a ...
There is a lot of need for Hard Money in today's California market. There are hard money lenders which are pools of funds with guidelines that require financial documents in addition to good equity. Those lenders trust others to make decisions and therefore would or should be more restrictive len...
  I just wanted you to  know I have a lot of cash available to facilitate leveraging your funds or clients to purchase Calif. real estate. Creative financing using equity in property you own for cash out. Cross collateral. Funds are for investment purposes only, no owner occupied property. We als...
While the banks are lending little and paying very little interest, the private money available has increased. I say take advantage of this market. For investors lending, bottom of market and conservative LTV's there is little risk and high return in trust deed investments. For the real estate in...
So, how do you qualify for a hard money loan?Truth be told, you don't. The property is or should be 99% of the underwriting criteria. Hard Money Investors want to lend on property that have plenty of a protective equity left after funding the loan. Asking for 100% financing is something to ask yo...
Dangers to avoid when investing in Trust Deeds in California. Title company errors can cause you problems with your Trust Deed Investments and purchases. You must double check them. I have caught many errors over the years. Real Estate crime has gone wild. The DA's office is  overwhelmed. I gathe...

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