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by Coco Clayman-Cook There's nothing wrong with wishing.  People wish for things all the time, and sometimes their wishes come true. There's nothing wrong with that either.  What isn't effective is when people wish for something and then become angry, depressed or despondent when the wish doesn't...
Those of us in the condo market have already experienced first hand the recent upswing in the market but it's always nice to have the media cover it as well.  Howard Fine aptly covered this market upturn in his recent Los Angeles Business Journal report entitled Uptick Seen in L.A. Home Sales In ...
I'm a big believer in the power of positive thought.  And I believe that to achieve a goal you need to be willing to shout it from a mountain top. This week I have chosen AR to be my mountain top.  I would like to have a featured blog on AR, so this week I'm going to put it out there.  I am going...
I am a big believer in the benefits of mentoring.  I mentor up and coming real estate professionals and I have two mentors myself.  When I am mentoring, I am always aware of how my mentors have impacted me over the years.  There is one guideline I particular that I like to follow. As a mentor I l...
Recently, a friend gave me the greatest gift.  And I have to be honest, while the gift was wonderful, even more moving to me was the thought, time and effort that went into the giving of the gift.  It meant so much to me.  I have found myself thinking the last few days about giving and how powerf...
One of the many things that I love about Active Rain is the way it creates an almost automatic mentorship program for the newer realtors.  I just want to congratulate all of the "newbies" who have found their way here and who ask for help and advice.  You can find a treasure trove of information ...
In these "interesting times" that we are living in, it is important to remember that value is value. published a report not too long ago about the most lucrative neighborhoods in the United States, neighborhoods that continue to grow in value despite the current turbulent market trend...
Whenever things get complicated or difficult I think it's a wonderful time to reflect on all of the people and things that we love in our lives and to be grateful. After my family and friends  and my animals, the thing that I love most in my life is my lifestyle.  When I think that there are peop...
I had the great fortune to have lunch with an old friend the other day.  During the course of the lunch, I asked her about her Grandmother, a bright feisty woman now in her mid eighties.  I was thrilled to hear that her Grandmother was in grand health and enjoying her retirement.  "Grandma Sandy"...
Tony Robbins, the great motivational speaker has a fool proof method for getting his clients to take action; he calls it doing "A Dickens".  It's a wonderful exercise that asks you to look at your life now and to examine some action that you have been considering taking but have been putting off...

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