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HEALING OF THE REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE INDUSTRY IN AMERICAOur industry is in a huge breakdown, which in a way is good news because that is what's required to create transformation and change.  My contribution to the solution is to provide a vehicle-Social Broadcasting every day at 1:00 PM MST on...
Our LIVE Shows are now powered by NowLive: The Inventors of Social Broadcasting!You can listen and interact with the show host and guests without downloading any programs or plug-insIntegrated Chat -lets you the listener text in questionsShows will be available as Podcasts immediately after a LIV...
Hopefully some of you have completed the Wheel of Life exercise, I have recommended in a few posts prior. The two key points I would like to emphasize are: we must address short and long term goals in all nine areas to be successfulit’s about having those nine areas in balance-not about having th...
Due Diligence Benchmark-Part 1ForRealtor's and their Clients"Reading through mortgage company promotional materials, corporate brochures, product brochures, Web-site reviews and reading testimonials or calling them does not constitute "due diligence" - it's called marketing" - Coach Steve TothMos...
When I was in my first marriage, it cost me my family to be out of balance in my life. I didn't get it and it was already too late by the time I woke-up, that becoming a workaholic will not go unnoticed. I was grossly neglecting my kids and my wife for wanting to be successful in business and to ...
When we go to McDonald's in the morning for breakfast we have a few choices at the drive-up window. We have a choice of ordering a meal as a #1 a #2 a #3 a #4 and so on. When we order a #1 we get exactly what we ordered at the next window; a meal that is #1. The Law of Attraction works the very s...
When I was 4 years old, I still recall how I wasn't responding to the words no, don't and not.  I was free and was willing to create anything.  Then, as I was growing up my parents, brothers, family, community and society taught me the true meaning of those words and the expectations they had of ...
I started blogging back in 2004, when I was in my first year of doing commercial radio.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I was looking for software that had a calendar and a way to publish my radio shows on the Internet.  I didn't know anything about the different blogging software either, that...
Let's just say that you are already using Life Balance software by now to actively balance the often conflicting demands of your career and personal life.  And you understand the value and benefit you receive by managing your goals and tasks based on what is important to you, rather then arbitrar...
 Make Marketing, Lead Generation and Automating your systems a top priority.  Daily Visualization and Meditation on Your Goals, make it a routine/habit, make them real - with emotion, love, feeling, conversation, etc.Be Consistent and Persistent with Your Income Producing activities and that mean...

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My Unique Coaching Program I integrate all different coaching theories and methods, from the ancient traditions of Socrates, The Law of Success to the most current concepts such as neuro-linguistic programming to re-patterning, transforming core issues, the laws of attraction and the power of intention. I have a way of speaking and listening to you that is authentic, caring and deeply loving. I offer a top quality, specialized coaching program that reaches a deep level of human potential, understanding and ability.