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If we change none of our habits by the year 2015, 75% of all Americans will be obese , at a cost of $75 Billion per year. Could we spend that kind of money elsewhere with a better ROI? Live Crew: Dr. Ken Jones and Tom Spanton, Transition Coach This radio show is the one that you may want to liste...
A single woman in Colorado takes on the big banks and ultimately ends up saving her home from foreclosure. Her story is unique, through out the process she could have quit many times and had her home be taken from her but her determination, values, spirit and attitude has got her what she want it...
Tune-in at 1:00 PM MST to-day on Real Coaching RadioLISTEN AND LEARN FROM A CONSUMER'S REAL EXPERIENCE DEALING WITH BANKS, ATTORNEYS AND THE COURT SYSTEM TO SAVE HER HOME!What: The Healing of The Real Estate Industry in America-on-Real Coaching Radio-NowLiveWhen: To-Day at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM MST H...
LIVE CREW: Bill Nazur, Mortgage Banker and Broker Author of Finding Foreclosures by Entrepreneur Press, and Show Topics on Monday, August 27th, 2007: Bill Nazur’s book Finding Foreclosure: an Insider’s Guide to Cashing in on This...
What is the definition of mindset? Well there are the ones in the dictionary like: "A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations. An inclination or a habit" or "The thought processes characteristic of an individual or group: w...
LIVE CREW: Todd Clark-Realtor, Specializing in helping people find homes that have been told NO by other agents and mortgage brokers. You can own a home! Specializing in Oregon and SW Washington.  www.ifoundyournewhome.comShow Topics on Wednesday, August 22th, 2007:How financial institutions coul...
The Healing of the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry-Be the Solution-Episode 3 LIVE CREW: John Occhi, Realtor-If you're thinking of buying or selling real estate in Hemet, California, you'll find everything from homes, land and investment property to local news and views at
Show Topics on Monday, August 20th, 2007: Qualifying questions to ask your mortgage broker before you retain his servicesUnderwriting of loan files and what is important about conditional loan approvalCharacteristics of fraudulent loan transactions.What does a homeowner to do with a $100-$300K eq...
Live Crew on Friday, Aug 17, 2007 : Adam Waldman-Realtor, Long Island, NY , Long Islanders are relocating out of NY. The LI Relo Guy will help you sell your home with my special relocation program and refer you to a local expert in your destination of choice.Show Topics:Challenges with mortgage t...
Since late 2006, 128 major US lenders have either filed bankruptcy, closed their doors or merged with another bank. The sub-prime crises have left over 50,000 mortgage employees out of a job and this isn't over yet. Realtors are also exiting the industry. It has taking us a number of years to get...

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My Unique Coaching Program I integrate all different coaching theories and methods, from the ancient traditions of Socrates, The Law of Success to the most current concepts such as neuro-linguistic programming to re-patterning, transforming core issues, the laws of attraction and the power of intention. I have a way of speaking and listening to you that is authentic, caring and deeply loving. I offer a top quality, specialized coaching program that reaches a deep level of human potential, understanding and ability.