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Who is looking out for ways to save financially distressed homeowners from foreclosure these days? I just notice a lot of talk, meetings but no action between lenders, investors, housing experts and our government.  Everyone is pointing a finger which is the usual first human reaction, no one wa...
  In these tough times, changing YOUR MINDSET could be just the answer you have been looking for.  There are two elements you should follow; daily affirmations and visualizations.  It is best to start the day off with these early in the morning.  When you are challenged during the day, meaning ne...
 Have you ever wondered- is there a simple process you could follow before you engage in an important conversation with anyone to get the results you want?Well, here is a simple process you can follow to prepare yourself: Integrity: make sure that you are not out of integrity with the person you...
One of the reasons most of you are experiencing slower then usual home sales right now is because  many of the sub-prime loan products are no longer available.Timing is perfect then for Realtors and Buyers to review-revisit creative financing alternatives since the sub-prime industry has almost d...
If we could master the Art of Listening the World at least our own, would be totally transformed.  Clients would get what they want it, divorces would almost be eliminated, relationships would prosper, there is no end in site to the number of benefits.Are You up to the Challenge? There are three ...
That is outrages!  When I hear that message my motivation to talk with that person goes from a 10 to a 1.  How often do you hear that message?When +75% of potential clients are going to the Internet first and then they finally call you, don't blow it with how your voice mail is set up.  This is a...
If you are self employed or only have one J.O.B.-you are sitting on a one legged stool.Hear a Realtor, while having a full time job getting her realtor's licence and in four years making several hundred thousand dollars annually-very inspirational.Find out why just making one income doesn't cut i...
Real Coaching Radio is all about putting a spin on Coaching & Personal Development.  You can listen to Live and pre-recorded shows about business, life coaching, personal development, coaching tips and listen to industry expert interviews. 24/7 on the Int...
What is Real Coaching RadioTM? Real Coaching RadioTM is the next generation in coaching and personal development for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and the general public.   Host Coach Steve interviews industry experts, authors and covers current subject matter such as; How to Relate to the Internet...
You will want to tune into my next radio show if you want to know-how to get meaning, satisfaction and financial results in your real estate business and your life.I'm having a candid interview with Theresa Szczurek, PhD, the author of the book -"Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" with a few Realtors...

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My Unique Coaching Program I integrate all different coaching theories and methods, from the ancient traditions of Socrates, The Law of Success to the most current concepts such as neuro-linguistic programming to re-patterning, transforming core issues, the laws of attraction and the power of intention. I have a way of speaking and listening to you that is authentic, caring and deeply loving. I offer a top quality, specialized coaching program that reaches a deep level of human potential, understanding and ability.