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An interview with Cheri Hurd-Realtor-"When you have arrived in Real Estate" is the subject of our next radio show.  A must listen to show for every newbie or just anyone considering getting into the business.Tune-in to get the answers for:What is it like to be in Real Estate business nirvana? Wha...
Tune-in to our first Live Broadcast to find out!We are going INTERACTIVE!Real Coaching Radio is going LIVE with a range of new features you are going to love.  We are going interactive between our radio station and listeners like nothing else before.  Here are just a few of the new features:Live ...
Everything, if for example your finances are out of balance it can begin to effect your relationships, health and so on.  I have used a Life Balance Wheel in my coaching practice for years to begin working with a new client.  The Life Balance Wheel is a self assessment tool to assist you in the i...
A lot of my clients and potential clients always ask me this question.  What I always tell them is absolutely.  However, before you can even begin to master life balance, you'll need to go through a simple process and then use a tool that will keep your promises and commitments to yourself and t...
Announcing new features and functionality for Real Coaching Radio-special interview segments and future premium content are now available on Podcast and soon on iTunes.  No special software download required, you can listen to the shows right from the article post.  Coming soon- on Real Coaching ...
A number of things that have happened recently that are being connected to each other which has prompted me to write this post.First, I wrote a post in ActiveRain about "It's YOUR fault-not MINE!- Who is looking out for ways to save financially distressed homeowners from foreclosure these days?" ...
As a small business owner, your whole goal is to start and manage a successful business that will provide for you, your family, and your employees for many years to come.  In order to make this vision a reality, you have to think positively .  It may sound trite, but thinking successfully will he...
It's Friday and I just read this ad in CraigsList.  I was laughing so hard, one of the funniest ads I've seen for some time.  I just had to share it, I hope you all find it funny too."Hello! I have been a licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker for two-plus years, and I'm looking for a smaller "mom ...
 Organizational skills are perhaps the most undervalued trait of successful business men and women.  Today's business environment requires its leaders to manage the incredible amount of information from different sources they are inundated with each day and to be able to process it effectively. ...
Let's first look at the difference between these two terms which are often used interchangeably.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online defines a manager as "a person who conducts business or household affairs" and a leader as "a person who has commanding authority or influence."  Thus, manageme...

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My Unique Coaching Program I integrate all different coaching theories and methods, from the ancient traditions of Socrates, The Law of Success to the most current concepts such as neuro-linguistic programming to re-patterning, transforming core issues, the laws of attraction and the power of intention. I have a way of speaking and listening to you that is authentic, caring and deeply loving. I offer a top quality, specialized coaching program that reaches a deep level of human potential, understanding and ability.