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Time management is a misnomer. If you feel like you're running in circles and just not getting enough done, you may think this is a time management issue... it's not. What you should look at is your activity and look for ways to make it more effective and efficient. As a former "Efficiency Expert...
Yes, there are three groups of people. Two of the three groups share the distinction of standing out from the crowd. The third group is the crowd, the masses, the herd! One of the two stand out groups are viewed by the "crowd, masses, herd, etc." as smart, savvy, hip, cool, or whatever positive v...
"Fearlessly and confidently say things that need to be said, only when they will aid in the realization of improvement!" --Coach K.C. The Prosperitor! Until people know how much you care about them, your knowledge has little perceived value. Recently I received a mass sales message on FB that rea...
Does anyone know of any online source that lists utility contacts for various locations throughout the United States and/or Canada? It would be very valuable to all agents that work with relocation prospects.  
Is the reverse side of your business card blank? If so, you are missing out by not using some valuable marketing real estate. I have had many people say they like to keep it blank so that the card recipient can write on the back. Hmmmmm..? That's what note pads are for! Imagine have a blank wall ...
Personal Branding is becoming a very hot topic in the residential real estate community. It is very important for several reasons. Branding is powerful for marketing, if properly done, it will result in the agent standing out from the very crowded marketplace and increase the chance of being reme...
  Sometimes the simplest things are the most complex to deliver in a message. Oftentimes, when asked, by people that are in sales outside the real estate industry, what it is that I do for a living they seem to think (as I do) that now would be the time to enhance marketing. However, the reality ...
Well all have some negativity in our lives. It could come from our friends, family, business associates, it could even come from our clients or customers. If not consciously controlled negativity can and will stop you from successfully reaching your goals. Of course, if it is your goal to fail, y...
Everyone that has a business card hopes that the recipient will keep and refer to that card often. One way this is achieved is by placing useful information on the reverse side. I have seen tip charts, calendars, emergency numbers, etc. I have recently given some thought to what kind of different...
You can find great local Albuquerque, New Mexico real estate information on K.C. Covéal is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, a free online community to help real estate professionals grow their business.

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