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While on styling and redesign jobs I’ve found it’s best to first keep my pie hole shut and let the client describe what they want from me. It can be hard trying to keep my personal style preferences from spewing out of my mouth. What, what, what you say??? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing...
I was walking along the trail with Ted my husband when I felt a tiny brush upon my shoulder thinking it was him tickling me with a blade of grass. Oh that Ted of mine is a playful soul! I looked down and much to my surprise I saw a butterfly, so with camera in hand I quickly took a snap but only ...
Yep, those buyers are snuggled in the comfort of their own dwelling cruising the Internet right now sans pants looking at your home. They have the convenience to view all those homes without having to hit the road. Potential buyers are checking out your property with intent to make a purchase. Is...
I was contacted by Bill Weidmann of Atlanta's award winning Weidmann Remodeling & Renovation  to inquire about staging some 'after' photos for their portfolio. While quality materials and superb craftsmanship are the bones of a room, it's the finishing details that give it a warm & fuzzy feeling...
  This is great blog by an extremely talented mural artist named Susan Gonzalez located in the Atlanta area. I thought this table turned out so well and just think, it was in the neighbor's throw away pile! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! That's why I'm posting it to groups it wasn't posted...
It's usually because they don't want to go through the trouble of patching then repainting the holes. It's a necessary pain in the bum that needs to be done. The rewards by completing the task will outway the inconvenience twofold, heck maybe even a billonfold. Is that even a word? I'm going with...
At this website called Giveaway of the Day they give you 24 hours to download one selection a day. It's all free licensed software! How cool is that?        These downloads are not a trial versions but registered and legal versions of the software in which you would normally have to pay. Just rem...

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