When I begin working with a new real estate agent client, invariably one of the first things I ask my client to do is to give me her "spiel" -- to pitch me as if I were a prospective client of hers. I did that the other day with a client, Shelly (who, I have to say, gave me permission to blog abo...
Research has proven time and again that those businesses that market themselves in economic hard times do drastically better than competitors who cut back on marketing. "Companies that cut advertising, marketing research and other forms of marketing do worse following a downturn," Anderson Analy...
. . . continued from yesterday's Measure Twice. Succeed Always.  Part I Measuring e-mail results E-mail is great for a couple of reasons: First, prospects are probably more likely to give you their e-mail address (in an open house guest book or on your website, for example) than their mailing add...
My dad is a carpenter. It's not his career, but it's his passion. I can remember standing at his workbench as a little girl hearing him say, "Molly, every good carpenter knows: Measure twice. Cut once." It's sage advice - and it goes for marketers as well as carpenters.   A good carpenter wants t...
I was on hold yesterday with the bank - waiting to speak with a customer representative. Instead of playing annoying elevator music while I held, the bank decided to do some good ol' marketing. They told me about how they're listening to the voice of the customer (me, I presume) - and have design...

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