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                               Pictured from left to right are Caroline Shroyer (VP, Professional Development & Recruiting) and Sarah Shoemaker (chief operations officer).  These two play an integral role in the support function within Real Living to our franchise network. Caroline is the trainin...
This is going to be my first of many installments of a "meet the people/personalities" of Real Living series.  Erin Corrigan, Vice President Creative Services...                                                                 Erin is a bright and talented design professional and one who is instru...
It is with great anticipation that I finally post this blog, I've been waiting to do something like this for a long time to show off our company and offices.  Here is installment number one of many tours of our offices, culture, and staff.  This one primarily deals with our office spaces... Futur...
You still have to stop us - Bobby Knight (I think).                                                           Here is a sign Real Living is in the game.  True story from Wednesday afternoon... I field a call from a suburban Chicago area code (630 - I worked Chicago so recognize the exchanges ther...
Finally the good news the real estate industry is craving.  Real Living CEO and Managing Partner, Harley Rouda Jr. alerted us to the news of the US Senate passed the omnibus Housing Bill and the president is expected to sign it soon.  Click this for the full Bill description - warning it is bruta...
I've never taken a CRS, GRI, etc. class.  From what I understand the value and content from what is learned in these classes is outstanding.  What I don't get is how we as agents use these three lettered designations to define ourselves on our business cards and in our marketing when the average ...
Here I am down to the wire with a month to go till my real estate license needs renewed.  In Ohio you need 30 hours every 3 years.  Procrastinating, dreading the task and never having taken an online class... I logged onto the Real Living Business Center, went to the Real U Training tab and bough...
I've attended a few seminars, meetings and read a few blogs lately where I've read about companies and agents trying to "capture" consumers.  Semantically speaking, wouldn't you rather "establish a relationship" with consumers vs. capturing them?  As a consumer, I personally do not want to be cap...
I was in an interview with a potential marketing candidate a few days ago.  One question I always ask is, "how do you communicate?"  I'm looking for an answer that ensures me the candidate is not fully tied to e-mail.  In real estate and franchising, I feel it is 100% necessary that the franchiso...

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