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The purpose of this blog is to educate the masses on the best course of action to take when renting out your home. Although it is particularly geared toward the Santa Clarita Valley, these property management tips are pretty universal. Thanks for reading!



   Here in the Antelope Valley, as with any other community, we have several different laws to abide by.  Obviously, we are not supposed to kill people, steal, speed, or run naked through the streets.  Pretty much basic common sense stuff right?  There are however, a few laws that some folks may ...
   Here in the Antelope Valley, we are experiencing what the majority of the country is going through.  People who got into their homes through "trick" loans are now on the verge of losing them to the banks.  Often times, their payments have doubled from the time they purchased.  Unfortunately, v...

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A blog to inform the masses that there is a less painful way to rent out your Santa Clarita home...