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 Hello, everyone I'm new to AR and am very excited about all of the information I have recevied over the last few weeks...  I am so excited about the industry and can't wait to get going.  I speak fluent Spanish, French and English.  I am interested in an paid internship position in the greater L...
  Yes, the kitchen is a bit small, but with a mortgage like this you won't do much cooking anyway."  
Why do banks charge you an "insufficient funds fee" when they already know you don't have any money? Why is the word abbreviation so long?TEAMWORK... means never having to take all the blame yourself. Aim Low, Reach Your Goals, Avoid Disappointment. The mind is like a parachute; it works much bet...
 You are what you eat, so eat well. A stupendous insight of civilizations past has now been confirmed by today's investigative, nutritional sciences. They have shown that what was once called "The Doctrine of Signatures" was astoundingly correct. It now contends that every whole food has a patter...
 As the nation continues to morph ethnographically, new services for persons with different ethnic heritages are growing. Thanks to the immigrants setting up there roots and buying homes in California and other Major city's the Real-Estate bubble has not burst.  Don't forget these important poten...

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