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TBWS - Think Big Work Small - Free Video Blogging Class TBWS (Think Big Work Small) - You know the boys - Frank and Brian have been traveling the last 12 - 18 months talking to agents, originators and others how to get more business for less money. The video marketing round-up that we had in Dall...
Made Personally for YOU!!!! In this week’s tip, Chuck with Florida Mobile Fusion, Tampa's Mobile Marketing Small Business Expert and premiere mobile marketing management firm shows you a really neat way to have your own personalized radio station and listen to only the tunes you want to hear! Che...
Salon Athena in Tampa Florida - University of South Florida I wanted to talk today about a Tampa Hair Salon, Salon Athena, nearby to University of South Florida. Better yet, let Jessica, head stylist of Salon Athena tell you about how they will "Bring out the Goddess in You". Salon Athena is loca...
Florida Mobile Fusion - How to Get Free Facebook Advertising - Tampa, Florida Here is super cool way to reduce Facebook pay per clicks (ppc). Watch the video for exactly how to do it and how to fix a common mistake that you are probably doing right now. If this helps you, or you find it useful an...
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Recalculating: Are you recalculating the marketing of your business? GPS Marketing – Tampa Florida Please drive the highlighted Route – This is what I hear when I drive in Tampa, Florida.  Now, my GPS device does not always go the best way.  And when I “stray off the straight and narrow” I hear -...
New Members: How to Make a Mobile Video on YouTube - Tampa, Florida In the world of Mobile Marketing Tampa Florida, mobile videos are a super way to get brand recognition, especially if you don't have a six figure marketing budget. There are many companies who have the right idea in using QR Code...
PRESS RELEASEFor Immediate Release Florida Mobile Fusion New Mobile Marketing Consulting Program Provides Local Business Owners with Innovative Way to Improve Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising Package--FREE Tampa, FL (July 1, 2011) – Chuck Ward of Tampa, Florida recently unveiled his much a...
Statistics about SMS Marketing and Mobile Usage - Tampa, Florida Did you know that the first mobile phone system was actually launched in 1956 by Ericcson and not with the first handheld mobile phone in 1973 (which was by Motorola and cost $3995.) Why do I mention this? Well smart phones are gett...
Myths About Credit Repair - Tampa, Florida Today, as I am browsing thru articles and content, I cam across two posts about Credit Repair - Tampa Florida. Now while I am optimizing this for geographical keywords, the two posts that I saw today are from individuals that IMHO (in my humble opinion) ...

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