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RESPA: Section 8 - Builders Requiring the Use of the In House Mortgage Company - A Counter Point to A Counter Point In the past two days, there have been a few articles about RESPA Section 8 - Required Use Rule as it relates to builders and the builders in house mortgage company. Let's get ready ...
Recycle a Christmas Tree, Tampa Florida - Easton Park The big day is over. We have dumped out our stockings, opened presents, eaten the big dinner and even washed and put away dishes. Soon will come the time to take down the lights on your house and tear down the Christmas Tree. If you have a liv...
The Great Debate: Discounting Commission and Building a Niche, Part Two - Plant City, Florida Yesterday in Part one on my three part series about the Debate of Discounting Commission in Plant City, FLorida, I spoke about what I thought was the basic reasonings (arguments) of the whole discounting...
The Great Debate: Discounting Commission and Building a Niche - Plant City, Florida I don't normally get involved in debates and politics and religion.  But after seeing a fellow industry professional talk about whether discounting your commission to get the sale, I had to write my own article.  ...
Plant City Homes For Sale Nice historic area located in eastern Hillsborough county, Florida. Home of the - Plant City, Florida Come learn how to save money when buying Plant City Homes For Sale Can you believe it?  After over 90 YEARS of doing business in Tampa Bay, this Nations Largest dealersh...
TECH TIP THURSDAY: How to Create a Panoramic Picture for your listings .. FROM YOUR CELL PHONE I had to rush to get this out as I just saw my friend from Michigan do this with his I-Phone.  I don't have one yet (an I-Phone) so I learned how to do it with the Android!!! Watch the video and learn h...
Florida Strawberry Festival Concert Tickets and Guide 2011 - Plant City, Florida   One of the big events that I look forward to every year in March is the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida. When you are buying a home in Plant City, Florida or living around the area or region, thi...
I was on active rain today and saw this great post about Do-it-Yourself Credit Repair.  If you are in need of Do-it-Yourself credit repair in Plant City, Florida -- reach out to me at Plant City Home Benefits   Would you like to buy a home, but you have a less than stellar credit report? Do you ...

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