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How Your Credit Score Affects Insurance Rates in Tampa, Florida In today's article you will learn What determines a credit score What determines insurance rates How they are inter-related In a recent launch of new technology in my office, I decided today to talk about an often overlooked segment ...
FHA New Rules are no longer Rumors According to a late night Cnn/Money report -- FHA will go to a credit score driven program, higher down payment requirements, lower seller concessions, and higher MIP Here are some of the facts Seller Concession to reduce to 3% from 6% Credit score minimum: 580 ...
BIG BANKS ACCUSED OF SHORT SALE FRAUD This article was reprinted from FB who got it from a CNBC report -- Very interesting reading.  If you are an agent and you're doing this or asked to do it -- THINK TWICE.  And remember, tape recorded conversations go along ways -- Anyways , happy reading REPR...

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