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During holiday times many people step up to the plate to help one other.  In the Church I attend, members put up a Christmas tree with paper oraments that have written on each of them things a certain family was hoping to get for Christmas; then people after the service go to the tree and pick th...
Yesterday my wife turned the furnace on.  It was actually warmer outside than in the house when she did this.  When I would complain, she would say put on another sweater.  Two sweaters were donned each day.  I looked forward to driving to the store or wherever...I blasted the heater in the car a...
Two years and more (or at least it seems) someone was running for President!  Tomorrow we might know who it will be.  Polls indicate it will be Barack.  He wasn't my candidate and I could tell you many reasons why and I'm sure if he is your pick, you don't care what my reason(s) are! But because ...
This market is short sales and foreclosures for the most part.  In an email I got today from HUD, you may already gotten it, too; but in case you aren't on their list, here is the link that might help you. Give this to your friends and to anyone who might...
I cannot vote for Barack!  My faith (I'm Roman Catholic) talks about five non-negotiables.  You can google this and find out what these are.  I am so pro-life and would encourage everyone to be the same.  I hope you would vote for McCain because of his pro-life convictions.  You and I came into l...

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