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From a fellow blogger on Active Rain.  Don't let the stove or the crack in the window stop you from buying a home.  This is the best time to buy in San Diego. Don't forget that this is a buyer's market but property isn't being given away. Price and Terms.  Price. Terms.  I will bet you a 6-pack o...
On Thursday, the Associated Press reported the cost to bail out Fannie and Freddie could top nearly $363 Billion dollars.  That's right! Billion with a capital B!  You see, Fannie and Freddie were beaten up after loans they backed went south.  Loans from Fannie and Freddie look attractive to inve...
On November 8, 2010 I will be coming up on a very important anniversary.  Well, at least it's important to me.  On that day, I packed up what little belongings I had and headed west to San Diego.  It's hard to believe that I will have lived half my life in the city I've called home for nearly 18 ...
An Active Rain member in LA wrote a blog about something that we all should be doing, whether you're in real estate or not.  It's a good reminder of how we can have what we want we just need to reach a little further.  Everything you've ever dreamed about is right outside your comfort zone..... J...
Hey Everyone-- Another Active Rain Blogger in North Carolina makes a very good point about buying.  Read it and enjoy!  Where will you be when this housing market is over?  Hmmm... food for thought"I'm going to wait for the market to hit bottom before I buy." Are you now?  And when exactly will t...
  Ok, so here's the deal, I just got off the phone with Old Republic MI company and what they told me made my jaw hit the floor.  I have a client who filed for bankruptcy and it was discharged.  He filed a chapter 7.  So, he now has his home listed as a short sale.  Obviously, with the bankruptc...
Hey to all my real estate peeps... we have to remember if we want to live our life by design and not by default we have to work.  This is our job and a very important part of it.  Let's Generate!  Ohhhh, the amount of times I have heard this.  Lead Generation.  Lead Generation for a specific amou...
  Say it isn't so Bank of America is set to resume foreclosures.  I was shocked to see it when the news alert crossed my smart phone about 3 this afternoon.  My jaw dropped.  It's not that I expected the halt to last forever, however, I did expect it to last longer than a week.  However, B of A's...

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