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That's the word out on the street! Forget stats, forget analysis, ignore lame complainers who don't have vision or a positive spin. Talk to the movers and shakers, connect with the guys and gals who make it happen, who seek out opportunity and who are there, in the right place, at the right time....
Howdy! The Wall Street Journal are carrying a piece about entreprenuer Jeff Liggett and his web site and the fact that Yahoo recently reported that the area he covers is one of the top fifteen places to live in the country. Good news for any of you Realtors in the area, p...
Don't STOP! It's easy to kick back at the weekend, and I am a huge proponent of that fact. I have three kids and beautiful wife and endless hours of sunshine to deal with, but I will not miss an opportunity and I always try to work just a little bit on my business. There is always a loose end to ...
With gas prices the way they are less and less people will be driving the neigborhood looking for open houses. They will spend more time browsing for virtual tours and if you have listings that are without any form of virtual media you may be missing out. I am not a crapehanger, I am ...
Hi guys It's all about the settings. Once you understand a camera, beyond the auto settings and start to explore some of the available options it is impressive what a fairly inexpesive camera can do. I garauntee that if you spend some time and really get to know your digital camera and not just r...
Have to get ready and out the door, but wanted to give you all a heads up!I am going to shoot my fifth tour for a broker who is with Michael Saunders and Co here in Florida. He is an exceptional guy, a motivated Broker Associate who responds well to todays market. He is pulling money from print a...
My Dad, God rest his soul, was about the best salesman I have ever known. Biased? Of course I am but he was really, really good at what he did, which was to sell to the client who needed what he had to offer. My Dad sold for Singer Sewing Machines, in Lancashire, England during the 60's and 70's,...
That's all. It's Friday, we have accomplished much and as we head into another weekend I just wanted to offer this up Let's have a group hug, add to the post with a word of encouragement, enlightenment or nothing if you are the strong silent type. A hug can be so beneficial in bringing us all tog...
From the desk of Chris Grumley, (in his new office at home finally!)Can you tell I'm a bit excited?In Sept/Oct of 2007 we tested a campaign, written by Cheryl Waller and available to R.T.V Full Service Dealers, to 220 Realtors in our local area. It peaked interest in a few offices around town and...
Hi GangThe only reason for a Broker/Agent to put money into print advertising is to entice the reader to a website where the listings are present and carry virtual media. I have a client, a busy Broker, who last year put over $12,000 into the newspaper for absolutely no return. Now, I am savvy en...

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