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Here is an online marketing fact every Realtor, Agent, & Broker should know:  Over 90%! read that correctly.You work hard to build your brand and send traffic to your website but you are losing over 9 out of 10 visitors forever!How about an easy fix this problem?Here is a FREE S...
Do you want more buyer and seller leads flowing into your business? Of course you do, right?How about an easy way to produce more leads coming into your business?  Interested? it important marketing fact you should know:Over 90%! Think about that number.  I have a solu...
Quick Marketing Lesson: The Real Estate Squeeze PageSqueeze pages are one page websites designed to generate leads. has "real estate specific" squeeze pages that are 100% complete.  What this means is all of the graphics, content, video, and reports are in place already.  It also c...
This group was founded by Chris Locke, creator of postAprop. -  I founded this group as a place for Realtors to learn how to generate more leads and sales with the use of real estate squeeze pages (aka landing pages).I will post tips, advice, and examples of successful real estate pages and would...
"COST-EFFECTIVE LEAD GENERATION"?Isn't this one of the most important aspects of running a successful real estate business?Any Realtor who can get a good grasp on generating a steady flow of leads AND knows how to do it at a reasonable cost has a competitive advantage over those who struggle with...

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