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We took my great niece on her first cruise several years ago.  One of the stops was Key West.  It is now one of my favorite places in Florida.  I took this as we were leaving port.  What a serene place.    
I think we all have those mornings where we wake up much too early.  You all have Freckles to thank for this blog.  He was an early riser today.   As I was doing housework at 5 am, I would have been working on client emails, but I can't really focus that early; different scattering of thoughts we...
  "Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..." Ralph Waldo Emerson  Happy Monday Everyone and greetings from the South Carolina coast.  I do love photgraphing the ocean.  It is ever changing and always beautiful. The quote by Emerson perfectly describes how I would love to live my ...

We all get them and there seems to be almost no "nice" way to stop it.  They are a scourge on society and clog your inbox.  No not spam, worse than spam - Email Chains. Our well meaning friends sends us the email that has been forwarded 224 times through various emails from friend, to friend to a...
I am not gadgetphobic and I'm not really techno challenged.  I really do enjoy electroic toys and gizmos, many different types of websites and software programs.  But since entering the field of real estate I'm blown away by all the gadgets, gizmos and programs folks seem to think they need to do...
OMG!  If I post this my you know what is toast! I almost made that mistake today.   Social networking and blogging are great avenues to share your thoughts and sometimes get input from strangers.  But that very publicness of the blogosphere makes it a very dangerous place to put some of your tho...
Foreclosures. I think all of us have shown a foreclose property recently.  A little less clean, maybe the appliances have been ripped out, the carpets and bathroom are not pristine.  All of them have the "This Property Has Been Winterized" postings near the entrances and all wet areas.  In my par...
Last year I wrote my very first blog.  I received very positive responses to my ramblings and for that I thank you.  Brad's response kind of scared me off from posting again.  I was completely overwhelmed by the links and helpful information he provided.  At first glance (being slightly paranoid)...
I just learned about activerain yesterday during a conference call with my broker.  What a wonderful and interesting resource for anyone involved in the real estate profession.  So not only is this my first time on this website, this is my very first effort at blogging.  Please be kind.  I live i...

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