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Today is February 25th, and I’m telling you the Spring season is already here, not concerning baseball, but in terms of the flurry about Colorado Springs Real Estate. Sellers and buyers are getting off the fence and are now confidently getting back into real estate, whether that relates to our l...
  Empire Title Company of Colorado Springs just compiled some data regarding the 2010 transaction statistics per Colorado Springs Real Estate. Nearly half of all transactions were performed by the top 10% of Colorado Springs Realtors. Feel free to take a peek at some interesting numbers… 19,003 ...
From March 17th through March 20th, the Home Ownership Matters Bus, sponsored by The National Association of Realtors®, will be in Denver, Colorado to respond to a Town Hall format about the mortgage interest deduction, the secondary mortgage market, and the importance of home ownership in the U...
I already presume to know your reaction when I discuss the use of Skype in your business construct.  Perhaps Skype is an old topic.  Or perhaps it’s already a given in your tool bag, as is having your own interactive website.  Or perhaps it’s something you already have integrated in your technol...
I retrieved this article, Federal, State and Local Debt hits Post-WWII Levels, when glancing at some posts on my facebook, particularly the link associated to the article written by Steven Mufson, a staff writer for the Washington Post, from Randall Niles.
Ever watch that reality television show on the Bravo station, “Million Dollar Listing”?  Personally, Cherise and I do not embrace the program’s Realtor® personalities nor do we operate our real estate practice similarly as these gentlemen.  But one thing we have in common deals with the nature o...
I’m proud to be the Vice President of Peak Producers, a non-profit organization of the top-producing (10%) Colorado Springs Realtors, which was founded by Bill McAfee, President of Empire Title of Colorado Springs. I just want to say thank you Bill for composing a VERY humorous, yet educational,...
This is a recruiting blog for one, or possibly two Colorado Springs Realtors, whose instincts are screaming that they need to make a change in the way they do the Colorado Springs Real Estate business. It’s easy to hold on to the “wait and see” approach when your real estate sales are unproducti...
It's common nowadays to feel the ugliness of pain everywhere, especially as this relates to the workplace.  When you're feeling beat up after a hard day's work, I encourage you to avoid the idea of soaking in your bodily, mental and/or emotional pain.  This only leads to self-pity. Instead, an e...
Talk about trying to maintain field position in the economic game of real estate.  Punting on 4th down with 8 yards to go seems to be the position with which the Obama Administration is left to deal with the magnitude of problems facing them.

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