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Recently, I was showing in a prime Briargate neighborhood and discovered a bank owned home, listed for $40,000 less than what the previous owner originally purchased the home for in 2005.  Down to the mid $200's.  The home shows like new (minus the appliances that are missing including the kitche...
This is an update to my last blog regarding John Laing Homes: From a source within the company, I was told that about 20 or so people will be left within the Denver/Colorado Springs division and will combine offices inside the Gold Hill Mesa models on the west side of 1-25.  Hopefully, this gives...
After several months of showings, my buyer has finally arrived at a decision ... to buy a new John Laing Home in Banning Lewis Ranch. She is thrilled and asked me this Monday to call them and set up a contract writing time.  Monday came, messages to the model and the coporate office were left by ...
What if you are the only real voice that your Buyer or Seller ever really listens to concerning the real estate market?  What would you tell them?  Today, when so many outside sources are screaming at the public, it is hard for a person to separate the truth from some of the assumptions about the...