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Dedicated to education on chimney related issues.
 WATER DAMAGE AND YOUR MASONRY CHIMNEY   As odd as it may seem, water causes more damage to masonry chimneys than fire. Think about it for a moment. All the brick and other materials that make up your home are protected by the roof and eave, all that is, except your chimney. The chimney bravely s...
Until recently, the scope of work performed in the inspection or evaluation of a fireplace, stove or other venting system was generally up to the discretion of the chimney service technician. Professional service technicians now have an industry standard that removes much of that "discretion." Th...
A chase cover, sometimes referred to as a chase top, is a metal covering designed to keep things like rain, snow, and animals from entering a home via the chimney chase.  This chimney chase cover is typically made of less expensive galvanized sheet metal.  Unfortunately, rust on a chimney's exter...

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Dedicated to education on chimney related issues.