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As all of us move forward in the trying market should we be looking at how we spend our business dollars.  Most agents are moving towards coaching to improve their business.  I truly believe that is a great decision.  However,  are you being coached or consulted?  Consulting- The process of makin...
State of the Real Estate Industry Is it Broken – The Real Estate Profession is the one profession where its leaders settle for a 10% TO 20% success rate. Name one other profession where you would be employed if your success rate was that low. As they say it’s a numbers game. The fact is that the ...
I have seen all these blogs about this new way to make money by referring agents to a new listings service.  There are numerous ways to join, you pay this much or that much and you have a special position in the order of things.  Get more to sign up and you get more money.  The questions I must a...
We are pleased to announce that 2008 will mark the launch of the Keller Williams Realty Commercial Division! Our goal is to make Keller Williams the commercial real estate platform of choice by providing our commercial associates the technology, marketing tools, and resources to succeed in their ...
Happy New Year!   I think everyone in our industry will acknowledge that we find ourselves in a very challenging market. I consider this to be a time of great opportunity.  History shows that there have been several of these cycles in nearly 30 years.  One thing I know is that Real Estate careers...
TRAINING  NUGGETThe First Decision For SuccessArticle by: Andy Andrews from "The Traveler's Gift" "The Buck Stops Here!" From this moment forward, I will accept responsibility for my past.I understand that the beginning of wisdom is to accept the responsibility for my own problems, and by accepti...
TRAINING NUGGETThe Second Decision For SuccessArticle by Andy Andrews, from the book "The Traveler's Gift"  "I WILL SEEK WISDOM" I WILL SEEK WISDOMKnowing that wisdom waits to be gathered, I will actively search her out.My past can never be changed, but I can change the future by changing my acti...
  The Keller Williams Business Model is now being taught as a course at Stanford University. The Model is being review due to the growth of Keller Williams Reaty. CASE: HR-29DATE: 04/12/07Professor James N. Baron and Brian Tayan prepared this case as the basis for class discussion rather than toi...
Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals                                                                                         Specific                                                                                       Measurable                                                                  Attainable  ...
As the person who provides the training and consulting to Real Estate associates in Panama City.  It puzzles me how and why associates think the way they do.  I train all the time on limiting beliefs, that come from our childhood and the way we were raised.  This industry is there for the taking ...

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