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Gyms are close and intimate places where a lot of people work towards their personal fitness goals. However, while gyms are designed to keep people healthy, improper disinfection practices can actually lead to quite the opposite result.In these uncertain times where disease carriers such as coron...
All new sorts of disinfection and sanitizing techniques are trending nowadays. One of these techniques we hear often about is electrostatic disinfection.Many medical facilities, research labs, and even commercial spaces are utilizing this technology for cleansing their surfaces. However, a major ...
The titular question ‘What is electrostatic cleaning?’ refers to a new and innovative method that isn’t designed for cleaning at all. It is a trending disinfection technology that commercial and residential people all over the world are utilizing.The method is so effective that even medical labs ...
Going to watch movies outside is probably the most common fun activity (only after eating outside). However, with the COVID pandemic, people nowadays doublethink when stepping out of their house, let alone go out to watch a movie.Since public gatherings are only a threat of disease transmission, ...
Moving to a new home is a significant step in anyone’s life. While it comes with many good feelings, there is also the panic of what changes the new home might bring.There is also the worry of how the previous residents might have kept the home. No one likes a surprising termite infection in the ...
Is your messy home giving you headaches and stress? Cleaning it is a solution, but the sheer amount of labor it takes to clean your house completely can be a discouraging factor for most people.For this purpose, many efficient cleaning methods have come up designed to save you the trouble of manu...
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The COVID pandemic has hit businesses pretty hard. Even though most of them are trying to get back to normal work, it is hard to convince people that stepping into your premises is a safe bet for them.You need to go the extra mile and make sure that you have indeed completely sanitized your area ...

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