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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table.
With bank rates down at historic lows, many people may question the need to use a hard money lender for your financing.  I specialize in hard money loans in California and am going to look at five common reasons people have for using a hard money lender in today’s market. One of the more common r...
I specialize in CA hard money loans.  In talking with potential clients every day, there is a misperception about hard money these days.  In this post I am going to look at hard money loan guidelines for today, and give a quick overview on why things have changed. It was not long ago that hard mo...
I do a lot of hard money financing for real estate investors in California and came across this great info-graphic today that I thought I would share.  It has some interesting facts contained within and is worth a quick look.  Of course if you fit the investor mold and are looking for California ...
Obtaining a hard money loan is not as cumbersome with regards to requirements as obtaining a loan from a bank.  The common misperception, however, is that there are no requirements when getting a hard money loan.  In this post we will look at the main requirement that most hard money lenders cons...
With rehab transactions there is often times a need for specialized financing, especially in the California real estate market.  Ca purchase rehab loans are a special type of loan tailored to fit the needs of the short term real estate investor. Typically speaking, a purchase rehab loan is going ...
Many of my clients are real estate investors, short term flippers who use our California hard money loans for rehab financing.  Over the past 12 months, competition among real estate investors has heated up with regards to REO properties.  One avenue a number of investors seem to be turning to is...
With many qualified borrowers still getting turned down by the banks, more and more people are looking into how to get a hard money loan for their real estate transaction.  The steps to getting a hard money loan are not difficult, and today we are going to look at the most common questions a lend...
Hard money loans come in all shapes and sizes.  One thing to keep in mind, however, when looking for Bay Area hard money lenders is the benefits of choosing a local firm to represent you. The San Francisco Bay Area has a lot of sub markets.  Locations that are not very far from each other distanc...
The Dodd Frank legislation that was passed in 2010 was meant to protect consumers by introducing new regulations for lending institutions.  Here we are in 2012 and we can begin to measure the potential impact this bill will have on the lending world. This is important information to know, especia...
SEO for real estate professionals is becoming increasingly important.  Most home buyers have done at least some research online, and as time goes on, these numbers are only going to increase further.  So what are you doing to be found on the web? There are a number of things that can be done to i...

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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table. Chris Goulart, DRE Lic. # 01458390 NMLS Lic. # 298819 DWJ CA Broker Lic. # 01180522