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Here's a quick tip for when you go into an REO and you notice you have fleas.  First, try to alway wear white socks when going inside.  They can't resist and will hop on your socks, making it easier for you to notice they are there.  Secondly, try to turn your car on without getting inside if tha...
Anyone who has listed an REO knows that monthly updates are a necessary evil you must do to inform the seller of market conditions.  This is all well and good when you have a few listings.  However, when you have 17 Active REO listings and about 15 in the pipeline just waiting for a list price......
Here's the last part of the Foreclosure FAQ series. I am an investor purchaser, why am I being told my deposit is non-refundable?In 2004, several of our corporate clients adopted a policy towards investor purchasers, in essence removing financing and inspection contingencies. This in essence make...
Here are some more FAQ's.  I'm almost at the end.....for now. Is the Seller Negotiable?This really depends on the bank that is selling the home. In the past year, we are finding that most banks do not have to negotiate or accept an offer lower than their asking price because there are buyers read...
Here's a few more Foreclosure FAQ's that I get from buyers and other agent. Doesn't the Bank or Mortgage company want to get this home off their books, after all, they are not in the real estate business?Absolutely. However, as a rule of thumb, for every $3000 they reduce the price, they can keep...
Here's Part 2 of a long series.  I have several FAQ's, but don't want to spend all day typing them here. Can't I get a better deal purchasing at the Courhouse?Sometimes, but not often. In a hot market, there are generally in excess of 100 people bidding on foreclosed properties at the courthouse ...
People always come to me with their questions about the foreclosure process in Central Florida.  Below are most of the questions first time investor buyers ask me regarding bank owned homes.  Feel free to contact me if there is a question I haven't answered below at 321.948.9486 or http://www.cfl...
You probably have seen their billboards, we pay cash for houses!.  Some even have websites.           If they offer to give you nominal amount of money to take over your payments and all you have to do is sign a quit-claim deed, then you are not being released from your obligation to your mortgag...


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