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As many of you know, I am a startup company. I have a few great escrow officers, but I still badly need a few more. I'm always recruiting, just like I was when I owned a mortgage bank. Back then, I just wanted to hire great sales people, really. It didn't matter how competent at doing loans they ...
Here is a copy of a comment I just left for HUD regarding the new RESPA proposals. If any of you are small companies, I would encourage you to do the same or you may be out of busienss too.   "How is giving large companies a huge advantage over small companies ever good for the consumer? I own a ...
Why not Prop 98? (edit/delete) I really don't get it. The guts of Prop 98 say that the government can't take our property and give it to another private interest. That is it. Why on earth would that be defeated? I know that someone got greedy and inserted rent control abolition, but rent control ...
The problem is not housing anymore. Sure, prices may need to come down a few more percentage points, but prices don't really move like that. Indexes do. Some prices rise while others fall. Home values don't all rise and fall in concert with one another, but I digress. The problem is not house val...
The State of California has a very strict and detailed escrow law that governs escrow companies. This law is  strict, detailed, expensive, restrictive, and very well enforced. The Department of Corporations administrates it and they do a thorough job of it as many "DOC" escrow company owners and ...
One can learn quite a bit just by looking at the Points summary on the lower left hand of your screen. I have been on AR for a little while now and have never noticed that. Pretty Neat
I see new sales and loan data daily. I have seen that prices have dropped by as much as 52% in some areas. I have even seen that home prices went up 40% from last year in another area. I have seen and heard that there is more pressure on the sub $500k market than there is above it. I have seen an...
Before I begin, I would like to give credit to Sean O'Toole of Foreclosureradar for bringing up this discussion and raising this question: Why don't we use a different, more logical, valuation approach for residential properties? Sean argues that the traditional method of using comparable sales t...
I see this phrase all the time and I still wonder what exactly does it mean and from where did it come? I believe that it means overly aggressive and perhaps unscrupulous lending practices. As a former mortgage broker/banker I am well aware of these practices, however I am also well aware that th...
WOW! What a reception I recieved after my last and first post on this site. I was instantly welcomed and offerred advice. I felt very good about this virtual place. What I found most interesting was that I was contacted first by people who have nothing to gain from me. You'd think that it would b...

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