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I think BIG ones do. This AIG debacle may just be the beginning, not the end. We are already hearing rumblings about WAMU. As a former mortgage broker, I can tell you that we sold a ton of option ARM loans to WAMU and World Savings (now Wachovia). I think these will be the worst part of this mort...
I was perusing other AR blogs today and came across my friend's blog about Zillow and the accuracy of it's Zestimates. More interesting to me though were the reactions and comments that followed it. I hate to say it, but allot of them sounded much the same as comments that I often receive when I ...
In the upper right hand corner of some of my blogs there is a gray arrow that says "RE-Blog". What does that mean?
I just don't know when. I have spent a great deal of this last Labor Day weekend thinking about it though and, of course, I had to spill my thoughts here.   I think that the prevailing wisdom says that we should see another 20% decline in home values before we see a bottom. That same wisdom also ...
Over the last couple of years, we all have seen good people leave the business. I have witnessed much harder workers, smarter workers, and more networked workers leave. It has saddened me deeply. With each one of their departures, I have questioned my own dedication to this industry. I have asked...
I have written many articles about When it Will End and Are We Even in the Woods Yet but today I am going to make the argument that this housing downturn really started in 2004, not 2006-2007 like most experts say. The reason that I believe this is more personal experience than anything else. 200...
I was recently given a list of contacts in REO departments of banks. I was told that I should contact these contacts and get on their lists of approved vendors. Has anyone out there done this and does it really work?   I am spending a great deal of time marketing to real estate agents and mortgag...
I keep talking about the state of our market. Almost every blog I write has something to do with the economy and specifically, it's impact on our industry. I am new to AR and so I still don't understand how it all works, but what I do notice is that my blogs get very little notice and blogs title...
That is the million dollar question, right? I hear so many different answers to that question everyday. From, "...we have hit bottom...", to "...we have at least 2 more years to go...". I don't claim to know the answer but I do know that no one else can either and that is the real travesty, becau...
If you've read anything that I have written in the past, you'll know that I haven't been a mortgage broker for over two years now. My old friends are telling me that none of the lenders are lending anymore. WAMU, Bof A, Wachovia (which bought World Savings), Indymac, etc... When I was a mortgage ...

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