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I live in California. California is on the verge of bankruptcy. So, California has cut services to reign it's budget back in. That sounds good to me. So what services is California cutting? Well I really don't know. I see more street repairs going on then I ever have. There surely is no cut in po...
As we all have seen lately, there are a bunch of Congresspeople that are not running for reelection. As good as this trend may seem, it is indicative of something very sinister and very bad for America. As a citizen, my best weapon to effect change is my vote. I use it to threaten my representati...
What is funny is that this bill is NOT and never was about providing the UNINSURED with insurance. If that was really that intended goal, the simplest way to do it would be to provide health insurance vouchers to all Americans. With those vouchers citizens could buy health ins. coverage from whom...
I just saw this on CNN last night. I did some research on my own and it is true. I must first say that I am not a CPA and that you should seek the advice of your CPA on this. If you buy a street legal eslectric car by 12/31/2009, Uncle Sam will pay for it. That's right. There are certain qualifyi...
If our government's main concern is making sure that the uninsured are insured, why not create a voucher system. Give each and every American citizen a health care voucher each month that they can use to  purchase health insurance from private insurers.   Why hasn't this been proposed?
Back in the 60's anything that represented authority was referred to as "the man". Government, business, maybe even dad all were versions of "the man" and the 60's revolutions were all about undermining the man. Stripping the man of his power or changing him to a her. That generation were true li...
I have the answer to almost all of our woes. Before any of you shoot it down, please seriously consider it. The problem with the discourse in America today is the intimacy between the public and private sector. The Democrats will generally point to the private sector and blame our ills on it. The...
We are currently in talks with the island chain of Palau to take 17 detainees from  Guantanamo. You might remember Palau from the TV show survivor. Anyhow, the detainees are Chinese Uighur Muslim fighters. We won't give them back to China because they might torture them. So we are in talks with P...
This was a response to a  response in one of my other blogs. I was reprimanded for being rude to another blogger and this was my resposne. It really sums up why I blog for those who care...   "Maybe I do need to change my style a bit. I am emphatic about what I believe in and what I see around me...
It is so frustrating debating these days and I often wonder how people keep their cool doing it. Investment advisers often tell their clients to not get emotional about their investments. For good reason, the emotion clouds judgment and makes it more difficult to  get out of a bad investment. To ...

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