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I am so proud!!  Thank you to Zana Darrow, our Wisconsin Mobile Loan Closers Network Founder, for talking to the right people and getting the word out on illegal and unethical practices in Loan Modifications for the State of Wisconsin. As you may or may not know, some Modification Companies call ...
What is a Notarial Certificate and why is it important? It is a necessary component to a Notarial Act. The Notarial Certificate is the attestation of the Notarys Act that has been performed.  This attestation is prima facia evidence in a court of law. Our Wisconsin Notary Brochure dictates: Statu...
Voice your Opinion HereOur fees for notarizations in Wisconsin is .50 per act.  On a national level this is extremely low in comparison to most states.We at the Wisconsin Mobile Loan Closers Network will be addressing this subject and also we are looking foward to working with our SOS office in h...
WISCONSINAct 110Effective April 2, 2008 AN ACT to create 137.01 (1) (i), (j) and (k) of the statutes; relating to: notaries public who are not attorneys andproviding penalties.The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:SECTION 1.137.01 (1) (i), (...
  Working In Harmony-Part II To All Entities that Hire Notary Signing Agents As businesses, we all have guidelines and requirements we follow in order to pave a path of success for our businesses.  In order for us to achieve high success, our business plans include what kind of service we will pr...
Working In Harmony-Part I Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers and Loan Processors Do you work with Notary Signing Agents either directly or indirectly, or are you thinking about working with Mobile Loan Closers for Loan Signings? I have some tips and pointers that will enable the loan signing proces...
What I hope to achieve is a little bit of education to the public and others on Wisconsin Notary Law and Procedure.  I have been a Wisconsin Notary for over 3 years and take great pride in knowing the law.  I feel it is important as I am commissioned by the State of Wisconsin to be a public offic...
This was taken from the City of Stevens Point website.Beware of Check Cashing ScamPortage County Crimestoppers has recently been experiencing increasing numbers of complaints about citizens receiving letters and checks saying they have either won or have been awarded money. All they have to do to...
What is a Notary Signing Agent (NSA) Network?An NSA Network is simply a group of independent NSA's that pool their marketing efforts, and promote the whole Network rather than simply promoting themselves, individually.  This increases the exposure of each Network member exponentially!  Every time...
Are You A Good Company To Work For?   This is an informational blog so that you can see what is going on from a Signing Agents point of view with our rapidly changing Mortgage Industry.  I ask this question in light of the companies that are closing their doors and not paying the vendors that wor...

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