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Many people cannot underestimate the value of a qualified broker when it comes to private or hard money loan requests.  I always use the comparison between a good broker and a good attorney.  The analogy is presenting a deal for funding to the lender compared with presenting a case to the judge a...
I found an interesting post on a popular blog, The Consumerist, about popular mortgage scams to watch out for.  Although I thought I had probably heard of all of the scams floating around out there, I was surprised to read about one scam that I had not yet heard of. This particular scam is relate...
I wanted to continue on this discussion from last week's post, "Checklist for Fast Closings of Private or Hard Money Loans." I found a few good items that I wanted to add to this checklist.  In an older article out of the Scotsman Guide, written by John Kutac of Western Capital, some other things...
After listening to President Obama’s address tonight to Congress and it spurred me to try and solicit more commentary from some of you in my network on a topic I brought up in one of my most recent posts on the future of banking and lending.  Obama talked about the need to create more lending wh...
  I found this interesting blog post recently that discussed current changes in lending and future changes: New World of Lending: 2009 Economic Forecast. Some of the facts in this post I found to be a tad bit shocking but unfortunately very believable.  One of these facts was that 40% of foreclos...
  If a loan has to be funded quickly, the Loan to Value is a factor which determines how quickly the loan could be funded.  (Not the only factor but a factor). Private Money lenders are obviously more conservative with loan to value now than they were even six months ago.  Particularly on less de...
 “..Be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” - Warren Buffett. Someone told me this quote and now it is one of my favorites. With so much fear in the market, placed in every nook and cranny by the media, its easy to forget that now is the time to invest in...

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