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Hello All,Our Forgin national mortgage program requires..NO DTI -NO Reserves -70% LTV Purchase-Cash out 65% -6 months seasoning for new value -Loan Amounts to 1.5 million -5yr -7yr - 30yr! No Fico - Chat Soon!Cary Carlen 949-535-0931  
What makes us different?No Second signature Use appraisal in another lenders nameCo- Borrower credit score do not matter.80% rental income usedFlexible expense factor No Reserves to 85% LTVVROB-Air BNB No problemBorrower Prepared P&LMultiple streams of income. Most important... SERVICE.... SERVIC...
Movement Recruiting relationships are some of the nation’s leading Mortgage Bankers, our recruiters have worked in mortgage banking industry and some are licensed mortgage professionals, we are constantly in the know of the mortgage banking changes and our extensive network of relationships allow...
Great Foreign Nationa product.    ·         Borrower is not required to have a Green Card, SS# or VISA. ·         Max 60% LTV to 2 million, 55% ltv to 3 million and 50% ltv to 5 million. ·         We underwrite as Second Homes…if an investment property, underwriters will consider on a case by cas...
Wanted to see if the new QM Limitations are having an effect on any of your clients?
Out standing Jumdo programs to 90% LTV with 5-7-10 year arms with Killer pricing. Loan Exceptions?...strong unique borrower? we do them on a regular bassis!  we underwrite/process right here in California. Bank of Manhattan is the name... Jumbo loans is our game!   Call me I will get it done!    
If your borrower has a property in a Low/Moderate Income Census tract, they are eligible for 1 point off the Rate!  This special would allow for a 95% LTV deal with no mortgage insurance @ 4.5%. APR 4.789@ This special applies to the following counties in the designated tracts.  Note, the special...
Hello My friends, We have a new loan program that if your clients want to keep there current home for a rental, our new program does not require 2yrs of Landlord history or equity in departing residence. Keep this program in mind it will get another deal closed for you this year!   Call me with a...

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