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Mortgage and Lending - Chris Butaud, CPA, MS Taxation Guild Mortgage Company - NMLS# 13157
In what may ultimately only amount to a moral victory for liberty-loving consumers and professionals alike, the US Court of Appeals granted the National Association of Mortgage Professionals and the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals motion to block the Federal Reserve from...
Buyers (and their Realtors) Beware!  Effective April 1st, the Fed's new rules governing loan originator compensation are coming to town and the law of unintended consequences will be riding shotgun.  Despite months of pleading for clarification and/or delay from all sectors of the industry (and e...
First things first, portentous headlines notwithstanding, I am Christian and an optimist. Being the former, I believe that the affairs of men are ultimately governed by forces we cannot see or touch and, being the latter, I believe that those forces are always mercy-laden.  So I always hope.  Hav...
Have you noticed that it is harder to get deals financed these days?  (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question.)  The reasons are legion, from stricter credit scoring models, to tighter loan-to-value and debt-to-income ratio requirements, to higher asset requirements, to underwriter review ...

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