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 You wrote a brilliant article or have an exciting product and you want to share it with movers and shakers. Or you need to bump sales of your book. Immediately. For free. And you have about 10 minutes in which to accomplish it.Twitter to the rescue!Here are the simple steps you would take to get...
You earn a great salary, have a professional career, and can’t buy a home. You aren’t saving much (if at all) for retirement, which feels like it’s decades away but will inevitably come. Odds are that you live in a metropolitan area of California or New York. Residents on both coasts face this sa...
According to a new study by America’s Research Group, a leading research firm, 26 million American households are living at near-poverty levels. Both parents are working two to three jobs; they have literally stopped shopping save for that rare day off, which is usually a holiday; and they shop f...
 If you qualify to buy a three-bedroom, two-bath condo you can probably buy a detached single family home for the same monthly expense. But how?
The times, they are a changin'. Here's how to choose The Best Agent to represent you. And, as a bonus, a short lesson in proper usage of "he," "she," and "they!" http://www.cathyturneywrites.com 
Two-thirds of the homeowners who call me to discuss moving end up staying put. Am I a bad "sales" person?  (Continued) I love your comments. Please email me at cathy@cathyturney.com and put “Blog” in the subject line. I care._____________________________Cathy Turney has been a California licensed...
As a buyer, you want to start the purchase process on a level field. Well, at least not with the deck stacked against you. You can and should say anything to your own agent; after all, she’s there to address your every concern and protect you. But the listing agent…that’s a whole ’nother story.It...
 Undoubtedly you’ve heard about Quicken Loans’ new Rocket Mortgage by now. I don’t watch TV and even I  have seen their ads. OK, I watch the news. Quicken didn’t get to be the biggest lender in the country without very savvy marketing, and Rocket Mortgage seems magical…until it explodes. Here’s h...
Spring is here! Flowers bloom, temperatures rise, and sellers make big mistakes. Like not putting their home on Multiple Listing when it’s time to sell. It’s a disturbing trend in the Bay Area where according to the San Francisco Chronicle, about 50 percent of closed sales never hit the market. A...
Another in the series of my trying to help buyers and sellers (and Realtors) avoid things that go bump in real estate: Silence is Golden.

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