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Quality not quantity.  Less is more. Say what you mean and mean what you say. These are all good adages.  Its a reminder to me that when I blog, blog quality content. What is quality? I guess it dependes on your purpose. If you intend to connect with colleagues then do it well. If you are going t...
Edited 04/29/2021 As Realtors we wear many hats, including but not limited to helping buyers prepare for the process of home buying, financially and emotionally. Buying a house is a big deal!   That means we pre-qualify them but to what extent do we go? My Lady (Buyer Story)I have been working wi...
I like infographics because it does make statistics a little easier to digest. Take a look at the one I posted below, it's a great way to look at San Antonio's market in a snapshot. To understand these numbers then keep reading to see what they really mean, no punn intended.       Trends are rea...
I'm sharing a story from my book, Are You Ready for Commercial Real Estate. I had fun writing it and this particular intro into the financial chapter humored me. I hope you enjoy. I once told a Finance Professor, Prof. Kadapakkam (Prof. K) Business Finance is not my strong suit. I requested favor...
It's been awhile since I've blogged but I think about my Activerain community often. I am glad I see so many of you on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I got out of residential real estate and now only do commercial, which is how I got into real estate in the first place. I also branched out into consulti...
You may not have even known, but last fall I made a big tadah about moving to Austin, Texas. But I'm moving back to the Greater San Antonio area next week. I didn't say San Antonio because even though my new house is surrounded by San Antonio, and has a San Antonio address, it's in the City of Al...
Trying to be creative, I decided not to write with a title. Kind of fun because I feel free - like I can say whatever I want and not be out of topic.   I really love the AR community in and out of the rain. I get to hangout with colleagues that are fun and innovative people. I live in a fairly co...
Step 1:  Read blogs and watch movies that are outside of your industry. Step 2:  Start writing before developing a title.   Step 3:  Have a brain storming session with sales colleages in other industries. Step 4:  Write from a room where you don't normally work. Step 5:  Read ideas on how to beco...
Small Business Footprint is a term I made up to play on Global Footprint.  I might need to explain Global Footprint to a few; it's the physical impact you make by consumption. In the GREEN world we talk about natural resource consumption, waste, pollution, etc. If you buy stuff, is it long-lastin...


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