Stop Clutter from Stealing Your LifeMike Nelson has written a painfully honest autobiographical account of his life as an extreme clutterer. That honesty is something that other clutterers MUST read, because I think it can give them hope. Nelson convincingly documents that a very disorganized per...
Granny Frump. Grandmama Addams. Grandma Georgina and Grandma Josephine. Nana Fern Schaeffer. Grandma Moses. And now Margareta Magnusson, who I dub "Grandma Organizer." Ms. Magnusson is the author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, and best I can tell the first to illustrate this particu...
This looks wonderful. The Playful Creative Summit. "THE virtual summit for entrepreneurs, business owners, play-oriented professionals and anyone who is curious about playfulness and creativity!"
Storage Made EasyI wish there were a new, therefore easy-to-find edition of Candace Ord Manroe’s 1995 work - not January 1, 1820, which, WORD-OF-HONOR, is the publication date Amazon currently assigns the book. I was hoping Uncluttered: Storage Room-by-Room might be newer, but sadly, not really -...
2nd shot scheduled 4/28/2021. I'm on my way!
I don't like purses. Can not stand purses. Purses are pains-in-the-__________. If I could shove everything I need in a wallet, I'd be a cheerful human. I fiercely prefer knapsacks, but I can't justify carting a knapsack around when I'm not carrying my computer, and knapsacks aren't as easy to hid...
I'm spending down the strawberry jello, checking a couple of boxes off my anti-shopping list. There'll be bittersweet embarrassment if I ever find out I've accidentally taken someone else's idea: bitter because I'm proud of the idea, sweet because it'll mean I read so many darn organizing books I...
The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization For Professional Organizers, Kate Varness, CPO-CD, MA, EditorThis book, written and edited by organizing specialists, ADHD experts and psychologists, is a primer for people who are trying to understand individuals who suffer from particularly complex o...
Folks, Safeway Monopoly started on March 3. And I didn't notice until March 16. Hadn't put a reminder on my calendar to watch for the first day. Didn't notice any of the tell-all labels on shelves. Me, the Olympian who's already posted nine times about this ridiculous obsession of mine. And I don...
People on the autism spectrum, and, sometimes, people with a range of neuroatypical qualities, can feel alienated from less neurodiverse individuals. Autism spectrum disorder can make it difficult for people to read "standard" social cues or feel comfortable conforming to such "codes." One exampl...

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