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Check out the recent Redfin article Casual Uncluttering was featured in: The Ultimate Room-by-Room Decluttering Checklist | RedfinCreating a decluttering checklist is an excellent way to begin organizing your home and simplifying your life. Along with helping you take stock of your belongings, li...
Humble Design Seattle just lost its home.Humble Design"change(s) lives and communities by custom designing and fully furnishing home interiors for individuals, families and veterans emerging from homelessness.We assist the transformation of lives in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, San Diego, and Sea...
I felt SOOOOO old and it was so much fun, and wonderful. I spent a couple of hours Sunday 4/23 morning at the recently relocated, reinvented, renewed and larger (Seattle's LGBTQ Center) Gay City, helping paint some murals on the office walls. Never did anything like that before. I got the third f...
Hammers, Not Mirrors: Play and Art for Radical Change soooooooooooooo appeals to me. Eleanor Snare and David Chislett roamed EVERYWHERE in this 2021 Playful Creative Summit dialogue. This talk is another one I'm very broadly interpreting. Snare believes art and play are currently confined in busi...
I'm a proud sponsor of the Puget Sound Pronouns, an Emerald City Softball Association C Division team, "founded with a mission of creating more inclusive spaces for trans and non-binary athletes. (quoted from the team's website home page.)." I know you're gonna ask "WHY?????" Easy - Brittney Mill...
Sometimes, it ain't you.Sometimes, the instructions come in Arabic.It sounds silly. But it's true - sometimes, even all of the time, you're tired, not lazy - it takes you three tries before you realize the instructions are in Arabic.  Sometimes, even all of the time, you're not stupid - the instr...
And got to see a new eagle nest. And save gas because it was the shortest way home. Take that, you hares out there! Ten minutes longer and maybe not so much shorter because I forgot the construction detour - well,  I saw some cute houses. Ten more minutes because a car stalled in front of me - we...
I've been working more often with children again, something I've done with great delight since early in my career. It often comes about that I work with children in the course of partnering with the parents: first the parents, then the youngster(s). My youngest one-on-one client ever was five. My...
Animal hoarding is considered somewhat distinct from "typical" hoarding. The behavior is even more poorly understood than hoarding involving things, is not under the same level of scientific study, and the results more often, even more quickly, come to the attention of government agencies than th...
I don't know what it is about March and April but I get dizzy with blossoming conferences and seminars, every year. This year:March 4 - 5, the Online Hoarding Disorder Conference of the International OCD FoundationMarch 10, the Connecticut Women's Consortium's Buried In Treasures: The Nature and ...

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