It's a crystal-edged line between bragging and providing information sometimes. I've just finished a very preliminary introductory course to Motivational Interviewing (MI), an incredibly powerful way of framing conversations to allow a person, whether a service provider, a sports coach, a teacher...
I had the pleasure of contributing to another online article: "15 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Basement Right Now" by Sarah Crow for April 24, 2020 Best Life's Smarter Living column. I haven't owned a basement in a while, but oh the (bad) memories....
Support can come in many forms. It's not always easy to find. I'm not a member of 2e Seattle, but I wish I'd known about it when I needed it. 2e Seattle is a network for parents of twice-exceptional children; children who are both highly intelligent and challenged by learning differences. To say ...
Did you know there are better and worse ways to hold a conversation? I’ve touched on it in another post. But I’m starting a beginner’s course in Motivational Interviewing, a rigorously studied method (1,000+ examinations as of this writing), which is adding myriad nuances to my understanding of t...
I was planning on a gleeful, goofy post about donating a trash bag stuffed to ripping with child-sized Santa Claus hats to The NOAH Center, a no-kill animal shelter in Stanwood, today. Because I did. Blasted things had lived under my bed for a YEAR, creating dust bunnies, multiplying like them fo...
I've contributed to an MSN Money blog post about how to cope with decluttering during these stressful months. Every idea in it is fabulous "Expert decluttering tips for your great pandemic purge"
Going virtual has been AMAZING for my chapter, Seattle Area, of one of my professional societies, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Take a look at our upcoming presentations and please come join us if topics intrigue you! Thriving in a Pandemic, Dr. Jayne DuBo...
 Proof that I'm a Certified Professional Organizer®, Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, and NOT a videographer - me on the job helping a client prepare for a ShelfGenie of Seattle closet.  This isn't the same closet as in my movie: this one is even more cool.  
OHMIGOSH. I find refreshment in the oddest places. I spent the morning of Saturday 8/15/2020 at the International OCD Foundation's Online Hoarding Meeting and I walked away inspired, invigorated and hopeful. There are sooooooooooo many people who care trying to find answers about this illness. An...
 I was introduced to Beyond Hoarding, a 2019 documentary motivated by director David Coffin's personal experiences as the executor clearing out the hoarded estate of his Great Uncle John, during the International OCD Foundation's 2020 Online Hoarding Meeting. The film is a painstakingly balanced ...

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