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Safeway Monopoly is back one week from today. This year, I'm ready. My calendar is marked, my strategy honed. But there's been something missing, and I finally know what it is. My lucky tradition. Athletes wear their lucky shorts and socks. Actors tell each other to "Break a leg" before treading ...
The local paper's headline blares "Roofing company fined for putting workers at risk." Misusing ladders, insufficient safety equipment. I've stepped through a client's window - which, by the way, was on the floor. I wasn't in the middle of martial arts demonstrations. A garden rake gave me a blac...
13 x 7 = 91. That's the other side of the coin of my 13 x 7 = 28 post. I didn't fail. I made the best decisions I could in the time I had with the resources available to me. I conducted triage. I frequently remind my clients that triage is a critical skill. Even rant a bit. The details about whic...
 Storage, a 1997 DK Home Design Work Books, by Dinah Hall & Barbara Weiss, is sumptuous. The kind of book you wish magically came with fabric swatches, paint chips and squares of the wickers used in all the baskets. In other words, it's gorgeous, wonder-and-envy-inducing and an awfully good examp...
The Annual OCD Conference informs and empowers the OCD community by bringing together health professionals, researchers, individuals with OCD, and their loved ones, with the goal of educating all attendees about the latest treatments, research, and practice in OCD and related disorders. Thursday ...
I admit defeat. I admit abject, miserable, wretched failure. A failure to practice what I preach. And ghastly consequences. Starting a business is always perilous. In my early Casual Uncluttering LLC days, I constantly juggled coinage, allocating every leaden penny as carefully as possible to tho...
How do I love The Complete Home Office by Alvin Rosenbaum? Let me count the ways. It's taught me a significant number of features to look for while evaluating the physical and technological functionality of my Casual Uncluttering LLC clients' offices, so much so that I may carry it with me when t...

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