It snowed in my neck of the suburbs yesterday, heavily enough that my son got a snow day even though his school was open. Snow and cold and stranded cars led me to thoughts of garages. Spring and Summer and being able to get a garage organized without freezing to death, so someone can find the ti...
The lovely photo of a pristine bathroom above is NOT representative of the wet mess I, no eyeglasses yet, no coffee, squelched onto first thing 5:30 this cold Pacific Northwest morning. My supply line - OK, what is a supply line??? - had sprung a leak overnight, gracing me with a lake in the cabi...
Do you have a Harry Potter closet? As I sit in my apartment, pondering how to find another few inches of space next to my water heater for the shipment of boxes which arrived two weeks earlier than I expected, I’m somehow reminded of Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. A nuisance space, too...
Working with six cats underfoot. A string of pearls. My very first client, a friend, writing a "bad" check (made out to me instead of my company. And my bank wouldn't put it in my corporate account. And five years later I still forget to check.). A new "client" dog begins the day terrified of me,...
Real estate professionals are starting to see increasing numbers of senior clients who are downsizing, sometimes into assisted living residences.  I am also in a profession which often helps seniors downsize: colleagues of mine specialize in it. My friend Trish Throop of Eldercare Consulting caut...
 Months before she passed, my wife realized she might not survive her newest illness.  Not wanting to burden me with disposing of the many things in our house, she found out about Casual Uncluttering and engaged Lauren to help.  Help is a gross understatement.  The two became a close team and con...

Lauren Williams, CPO, CVPO

Professional Organizer: Puget Sound homes
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