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There are so many different people here on AR from all parts of the country that I thought it would be interesting to hear from, so I thought that it would be interesting to start a blog where anyone who would care to share can post some of the most unusual experiences/clients they have encounter...
How do you advise someone on home buying who thinks that location, location, location means a home not too far from work (an industrial plant), not too near expensive (a house payment of less than one week's take home pay), and real close to a favorite night club (a dive bar)?
Well, some of you are familiar with what business I'm in and for those of you who aren't please pay a quick visit to my website at  My question is, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might find more customers who need my services? My typical clients include builders...
As I look at the presidential race it seems to me to always break down to one thing.  Do I vote for the status quo, or do I vote for something new.  Now, I know that I personally don't like the way the major issues that this country is always concerned about have veered during the past eight year...
Let's say that someone at work approached you with some lottery tickets they were selling.  This person has been your friend for a couple of years and you felt obligated to buy two tickets at $5 each just to show your support.  You didn't pay much attention to what was written on the ticket beyon...
I have noticed, and correct me if I am wrong, that no matter where you go there is a catch phrase in our lines of business that everyone uses - networking.  Unfortunately, that's usually as far as it seems to go - a catch phrase.  Although I have tried many times to establish a network of contact...
Security scan upon download MakethisV...wmv (3.7 MB)   A young lady speaks at the UN and holds them captivated for six minutes.  She's wonderful, watch the video. .... Alright, I seem to be unable to figure out how to post this link.  But try to find it on youtube, it is well worth the effort!
I have one simple question to ask.  How can I keep my house in good shape while raising four young boys?  There is something constantly hitting the wall somewhere, frequently it is one of them as the result of fighting or playing with the others.  I have to fix something at least three times a we...
How about we all contribute to a hypothetical scenario.  Let's make it as difficult as possible and then solve it.  The trick is that each entry after this one can only add ONE more element to the equation.  Let's try to get 8 to 10 total elements before solving. We'll start with this; 1.  $450,0...
After a seller reduces the price of her home to a place where she will be taking a big loss, after she has spent yet more money updating, replacing and dressing up her home trying to sell, what would you tell her? Let's say, even worse, that this is your sister and her husband who lost his job.  ...

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