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Today started like any other Monday morning at the real estate office with phone calls and emails and a few laughs over this weekend's happenings. Then a 1pm walk through happened... BACKSTORY GOES LIKE THIS                                                             Simple transaction with a fel...
What Do You Think Makes a Good Realtor? Ask 10 people, "what makes a good Realtor?" and you will probably get 10 different answers. The answers will also probably all be good characteristic of a good Realtor, but there are a few "must haves!" 1. Honesty - A good Realtor is honest with the client,...
Mortgage Pre Approvals Are a Joke Reviewing a GA real estate contract for some way to keep your seller clients from loosing a deal due to the buyer's loan falling through last minute is a joke! Realtors have always went through the motions of getting a buyer's pre-approval from the lender when th...
Google Plus and Real Estate I'm not a novice at social media when it comes to real estate or promoting my business online. I blog, populate four active real estate websites in the Augusta area and work daily in this industry with buyers and seller. Honestly, in my 7 or so years of seriously focus...
I have a little fun in the car with my video camera and today, my daughter was asked to get in on the fun! Intrigued? Check out my YouTube Channel for more! My daughter Briana is a smart, beautiful (I'm proud, can you tell!) 17 year old senior who makes me laugh. Enjoy!   
Real Estate Advertising is Like Online Dating I do my best brainstorming in the shower (of course, don't you?) or in the car listening to CNN radio. If you listen to any news radio show you've probably heard the online dating commercials too. My little light bulb flickered on and I thought hey! r...

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