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Follow me as I explore the wonderful world of property management, rental, sales and financing.
Happy Veteran's day to all my fellow Veterans, Active Duty & Reserve servicemen and women. Go Navy............:)
Did You Know that one late payment can drop your score by 80 or more points? Has this happened to you? If your credit score is suffering in today’s economy, we can help. If you are frustrated with your score and the many claims to help you, I am glad you found us. Our Affiliate Clean Slate is the...
  I live for referrals! & never bite the hands that feeds me! Bring your Mortgage loan to me and I will get it done! 800-245-5440 x 101. With all the new changes in the SAFE ACT, NMLS, HUD & GFE many have no idea who to bring thier loans to.  You are not alone! This is why ...
Hello NY,        I moved back to NY in October and already on my way of really getting some happy borrowers in my Area.  I have access to all different types of loan programs from FHA, VA, Homepath, Reverse MTG, USDA, Conventional, commercial, hard and private money in 46 states.  I am really exc...
I haven't been around these parts in a while and it seams that alot have. Changed like now there is a ActiveRain Sponsors banner poping up everywhere,  what's with that?  Can someone catch me up to speed about this new ActiveRain.  What with all the ads and how does it benefit the community.  wha...
Many of you probably don't know, but my 1st two years of college was a NYU.  So it really peaked my interest when I recieved this BrokerUniverse newsletter today. By Alton Gary Simpson NEW YORK -- Taking a stance contrary to the emerging conventional wisdom that subprime mortgages are the root of...
We're Hiring,    If you are looking for a stable  mortgage company to work for there is no better company than Carteret  Mortgage Corporation.   While other are closing shops and laying off their people we are still agressively hiring and opening new DCB.  I tell you it was one of the best decisi...
Niche, Niche, Niche, Niche -  That's all everyone ever says about marketing.  Caryll you have to pick a Niche and focus everything on it.  Our company his so good at all parts of property loan that it's hard to choose and then I feel as if I will kill the other areas of business from flowing in i...
I know I say it all the times but I am truly going to try to get back into the blogging mode. See in school writing was not my big thing.  I am more of a math and since gal.  However to be honest blogging on Activerain as been good to me.  People like to read and get to know the people who they a...
Well as Realtor you probably know your own town but as a Jamaican born New York raised and Military brought to VA Loan Officer you might not.  My girl friend move from Mary Land to VA and we decided to start a work out program.  To be quite honest I have put on a lot of weight since getting out o...

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Follow me as I explore the wonderful world of property management, rental, sales and financing.