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I know most of us at some point in our lives have moved from one home to anouther and have experienced how fun, and not so fun this can be at times!!  Today with all the information out there many people believe that the can sell their homes and and move by themselves, selling For Sale By Owner, ...
Being in Real Estate you can imagine that I get asked alot...Hey Joe, is now a good time to BUY?  My answer is ...well it depends.  However nobody ever asks if its a good time to today even though nobody is asking I want to tell you that NOOO...its not a good time to rent.   Cape Coral ...
Hi everyone, I am a father of 3 boys and I know sometimes its hard to find awesome things to do together to create memories.  Well here are a few that will keep you busy this weekend.  If you're going to any specific event let me know and maybe Ill see you there.   FRIDAY, JAN. 15BOGO Weekend at ...
I was on my way back from dinner Saturday night about 7:30pm with my middle son Christian when all of a sudden it started to rain really really bad.  I told him that it had been a long time since we had seen such heavy rain.  When we were about a mile from our home in SW Cape I felt like there wa...
Many people have alot of incorrect information when it comes to Buying a Cape Coral Gulf Access Home or otherCape Coral Waterfront Property.  There are also alot of people that are just unsure of the obstacles to homeownership. Fannie Mae did a 50 page study called What Do Consumers Know About Th...
When Harvard talks we should listen right?  Well The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University just came out with a pretty kool study.  It talks about how when people or families are Buying a home you would assume that they are primarily interested in or mainly concerned about the fin...
Here is a video where I talk briefly about the N.A.R. report recently released where the Chief Economist talks about supply and demand and its effect on the market.   Offers being submiited here in Cape Coral for Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes are seeing in many cases multiple offers.   Its amazing...
The demand Buyers are placing on the market is far outpacing the current inventory of Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes and for the most part all Cape Coral waterfront real estate.   Lawrence Yun who is the Chief Economist with The National Assocaiation of Realtors has recently commented on this gap b...

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